1001 Stories of Hope

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This Gives Me Hope: Beyond Endless Growth

We are pleased to have recently connected with a new ally.  On her extensive blog called ‘This Gives Me Hope“, Cathryn Wellner featured the work of the Post Growth Institute and others pursuing alternatives to growth as hopeful item #253 on her list.  That gives us hope too – not to mention gratitude!

Cathryn is in the midst of an interesting exercise in appreciation; she is comprising a list of 1001 reasons to be optimistic – a nice synergy with the asset-based approach we strive for in our efforts at PGI.  Ranging from daily joys to potentially world-changing perspectives, the items on her developing list provide fuel for perseverence in the face of often hopeless circumstances.  With 11,000 twitter supporters (@storyroute), I suspect she is not the only person who derives hope from these stories.

Thanks for the shout-out, Cathryn.  And thanks for the reminder to attend to what is going well.  If we can collectively commit to putting good energy in those directions, we just might have even more reasons to be hopeful down the road.

Published by Janet Newbury

Janet Newbury has a PhD in Child and Youth Care, teaches at the University of Victoria, and is actively involved in various community-based initiatives in Powell River, BC. She lives on the West Coast of Canada.