Creating global prosperity without economic growth

Our Team

The Post Growth Institute is a collaborative project dedicated to imagining a world beyond economic expansion that creates positive futures for all. We hope you’ll join the conversation, challenge others, yourselves and us – and contribute to the evolution of a world built better, not bigger.

We’re privileged to have this forum together to express our views and ideas. Our members include:


Amelia Bryne

Amelia is a visual anthropologist (filmmaker & researcher) and is inspired to vision alternative futures, as well as to document the cultural shifts of our time. She is active in solidarity economy work, which celebrates and aims to strengthen ecologically and socially just businesses and economic relationships. She is also a maker of nettle tea, wild berry jam, and divides her time between New York City and a farm near Stockholm.

Sharon Ede

Sharon is an ideas transmitter, writer and activist who writes, collects, and shares stories on communication and change for sustainability at cruxcatalyst and is founder of Share Adelaide Share Adelaide. Sharon has been working on sustainability issues in paid and voluntary work since 1993 and loves playing connect the dots by cultivating a wide network of people working on sustainability.

Jen Hinton

Jen has a very diverse background, with academic and professional experiences ranging from theater to business to environmental studies. Her expertise is systems thinking and she has a contagious enthusiasm for seeking holistic ways of moving beyond humanity’s current crises.

Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie is a co-founder of the Post Growth Institute and an Affiliate Professor of Social Science at Southern Oregon University. He is presently writing two books: How on Earth: Our future is not for profit and The Not-for-Profit Handbook.

Joshua Nelson

Joshua's life goal is leave this world better than when he came in – similar to the campsite rule. He started writing about sustainable economics with his blog Steady State Revolution, acted as Washington Chapter Director for the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) for a few years and is a co-founder of the Post Growth Institute. An avid reader, cyclist and hobbyist mead maker, Joshua lives Seattle, WA USA with his wife and son.

Sarah Reibstein

Sarah is a researcher working with non-profits and philanthropy in New York. With a background in economics and cultural anthropology, she takes a social view of the economy, which has led her to believe we are in need of systemic transformation to get to an economy that serves us all.

Tegan Tallullah

Tegan holds a BA in Environment and Media Studies, has been a Co-Director of the the Post Growth Institute since 2014 and has recently taken on management of the Post Growth Alliance. She blogs about environmental and social issues, economics and politics at She passionately believes post growth economics is the only true sustainability, and aspires to use her media skills to raise awareness of the limits to growth and the post-growth solution. Tegan lives in Brighton, UK, with her boyfriend and tortoise.

Simon Spire

Simon works in social entrepreneurship, holds degrees in economics and psychology, and was led from his native New Zealand to New York by his career as a recording artist and songwriter. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC where he works as Program Director for Nourish International, leads contemplative and self-awareness classes, and misses the ocean.

Guest Contributors

We are always interested in sharing and expanding the conversation. If you have a meaningful thing to add, please contact us.