Creating global prosperity without economic growth

Post Growth In Action

We are already living aspects of ‘post growth futures’, just in a way that remains fractured and not yet the mainstream. Here are some of the things that are presently operating and/or could function well in a post growth framework. How many are you already living? What new ideas excite you to take action?


Buy local; Seasonal eating; Passive solar design; Systems thinking; Downshifting; Volunteering; Ethical consumption; Co-housing; Potlucks; Anti-consumerism; spiral dynamics; Buen vivir; Place-based education; Walking up steps versus taking the escalators


The Simpler Way; Degrowth/Decroissance; Voluntary simplicity; Gross National Happiness; Slowcialism; Genuine Progress Indicator; Ecological economics; Wellbeing manifesto; Low gini coefficients


Mending; Jam sessions; Bushwalking; Storytime; Climbing trees; Cycling; Composting; Seed saving; Seed swapping; Donating blood; Car-pooling; Bike Polo


Composting toilets; Rainwater tanks; Straw bale houses; Solar ovens; Unpackaged products; Sociocracy; Talking sticks; Appreciative Inquiry; Asset-based community development; Open source appropriate technology; VoIP

MOVEMENTS/TRANSNATIONAL PROGRAMS (non-geographically specific)

Transition towns; Open source software; Collaborative consumption; Couchsurfing; MakerLabs; Men’s sheds; Local Exchange Trading Systems; Playback theatre; CopyLeft; WWOOFing; Free hugs; Free Money Day; Parking Day; Islamic banking; Creative commons licencing; community supported agriculture; Buy Nothing Day; Neighbourhood watch; Vipassana; Random acts of kindness; Peer-to-peer lending; People’s Health Movement; Theatresports; Women within; The Mankind Project; Dances of Universal Peace; Fairtrade town; Kibbutz; Zero waste groups; Freecycle; CC Salons; Esperanto


Go-Get car scheme; The Shed Online; Wikipedia; Freecycle; Appropedia; JAK member’s bank; Big Tent Festival; Ithaca Hours; Gaviotas; Ozrecycle; Skype; Life Change Experiment; Ozharvest; Six Items or Less; No Impact Man; Auroville; Neighbour Day;  Christie Walk; Mondgragon Corporation; Via Campesina; 100 thing challenge; The Small School; Renew Newcastle; 106 acre challenge; Walking school bus; Bolivia’s ‘Mother Earth’ law; Berkshares; Bioviva; The Compassion Project; Pre-school philosophy; The Food Forest; Landshare Australia; Garage sale trail; Cartoneando