Creating global prosperity without economic growth


Here are some quick and easy how-to guides, to help you put great post growth ideas into action.  While we do not endorse these sites, we do hope they help you in your initiatives.

Advocacy How-to Guides

How to write a press release

How to use social media in your organization

How to use Twitter effectively

How to make decisions by consensus

How to organize and promote an event

How to organize a teach-in about climate justice

How to facilitate groups well

How to host a zero waste event

How to create street art infographics

How to map assets

How to create powerful visual props for direct action

How to help your blog thrive

Living Post Growth How-to Guides

How to start a Transition initiative

How to create a successful collective

How to share food at a community level

How to reuse empty spaces and shops for creative purposes and/or community development

How to make a street car-free

How to build a better neighbourhood

How to start a really, really free market

How to  car share

How to avoid holiday shopping (and do something good in the process)

How to share a garden

How to harvest fruit trees as a neighbourhood

How to start a barter system

How to start a work group in your neighbourhood

How to build a compost bin

How to set up a local food hub

How to throw a block party

How to share (this link connects you to over 50 very concrete how-to lists by!)

Please contact us if you have other handy how-to guides you think we should include on this page.