What We’re Reading – June 2014

The Politics of the Earth – John Dryzek The Politics of the Earth by John Dryzek is a must read for people interested in narratives related to sustainability and the environment. Although it’s not exactly an easy read, it’s a very well written and a fairly engaging book that will take you with great detail […]

The Power of Three Words: ‘Not-for-Profit’

Ever since we started writing and speaking about our current book project, How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050, we have been amazed by one phenomenon in particular. When we have a chance to explain to people what not-for-profit (NFP) enterprise actually is, we get an incredible response from all sectors and […]

What We’re Reading: October 2013

Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution – Marjorie Kelly Aside from being thoroughly intrigued by the topic of ownership in the 21st century, I was hooked by Marjorie Kelly’s writing style straightaway.  She uses the power of narratives to bring global and societal issues to the personal level.  She begins by telling the story […]

Stop Feeding the Elephant

The ‘Great Recession’ of the last few years has been fertile soil for the emergence of new economic initiatives. People worldwide have grown weary of the inequalities in our modern societies and many have come to understand that it is our current economic system that actually creates and exacerbates many of our problems. This revelation has […]

What We’re Reading: July 2013

Prosperity without Growth – Tim Jackson Tim Jackson’s Prosperity without Growth was one of the books that really introduced me to post growth thinking, so revisiting it four years later has been interesting. It’s a great introduction to the growth dilemma, the myth of de-coupling and policy ideas for how to flourish within ecological limits.  […]