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Blog Contribution Guidelines

Are you interested in submitting a guest article to the Post Growth blog? Drop us an email with your idea for a suggested article.

Criteria for articles to be considered:

  • A post-growth focus, aligned with our charter and starting positions.
  • 750-1,000 words (1,500 words maximum) with hyperlinks used as often as appropriate.
  • Ideally using an asset-based approach (starting your article by reflecting on ‘strengths’ first).
  • At this stage, we are only able to review and publish articles in English. We hope to expand our capabilities in the future.

If your article is accepted for publication, please also supply:

  • Relevant, high resolution images to illustrate your article, along with the attribution line for the photographer/designer and nature of the image license.
  • A biography, using these guidelines, and a high resolution, square headshot of yourself so you can be set up as the author of the piece.


All content will be made available electronically free of charge through a BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence, with accommodation for authors’ special requests for copyright. Under the terms of this license, anyone may copy and distribute Post Growth content without charge for non-commercial purposes, provided that they do not alter it, that they credit the Post Growth Institute as the creator, and that they provide a link to the article on the Post Growth Institute’s website. For more details, please read the Post Growth Institute’s Disclaimer and Legal Information.