Footprint Forum 2010: Meet the Winners of the 21st Century

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On 7-12 June this year, the Global Footprint Network will hold a Forum just outside Siena, Italy.

The thrust of the Forum is to identify the opportunities presented by ecological limits, discuss how to break the impasse on climate by connecting it to other resource constraints and sustainability issues, and determine how to overcome the barriers to rapid action [including communications challenges] eg.

How do we transform potentially moralizing communication around behaviors, rights, human development, consumption, production and population into pragmatic, engaging communication that is honest, forthright and empowering?

Policy and Technical Training on Ecological Footprint will form part of the event, and there is also a day which is open to the public at no cost.

Presenters at the conference will include Tim Jackson of the UK Sustainable Development Commission and author of Prosperity Without Growth, and Peter Victor, professor in Environmental Studies at York University and author of Managing Without Growth.

Event Overview

Join Our Global Brainstorming Session

WHAT: The Forum Roundtables are a series of fast-paced, highly interactive conversations on critical topics, designed to move the sustainability agenda forward during a time of increasing resource constraints. The aim of the sessions is to overcome barriers to action, fill gaps in knowledge, and identify strategies that inspire further sustainability investments and bring about systemic change. Footprint Forum will foster the kind of learning and idea-sharing that will support government innovation, strengthen corporate strategy and advance human development.

WHO: Attendees will include international leaders in government, non-profits, development agencies and business, sharing the common mission of creating healthy societies where all people can live well, within the means of our planet. The Forum will allow governments to discuss strategies for maintaining a competitive economy during a time of resource scarcity, corporations to gain an understanding of how to build a robust business strategy that will withstand ecological pressures, and development agencies to explore what is needed to make development gains last while preserving natural capital. The academic side-conference provides a forum for researchers to share the latest in Ecological Footprint science.

WHY: Copenhagen – COP15 – showed us that national governments and political leaders are finding it difficult to act collectively in the global interest. Global Footprint Network is convinced that climate action will only gather momentum once nations see that decisive action is in their own best interest. This compelling self-interest story becomes obvious once we understand climate change in the context of ecological resource constraints, as one of a number of related crises – food, energy, water, biodiversity, and so forth – emerging from humanity’s systematic overuse of available resources. This reframing presents a great impetus for transformation. The focus of Footprint Forum 2010 is on how we can capitalize on this opportunity.

WHEN: June 7-12, 2010. The events of the Forum include:

WHERE: Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy, just outside of Siena

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Global Footprint Network is calling for abstracts for presentation at Footprint Forum: Meet the Winners of the 21st Century. Click here for more information.

Early registration rate available if you register by March 31, 2010. For more information contact: Bree Barbeau

Published by Sharon Ede

Sharon is an ideas transmitter, writer and activist who writes, collects, and shares stories on communication and change for sustainability at cruxcatalyst and is founder of Share Adelaide Share Adelaide. Sharon has been working on sustainability issues in paid and voluntary work since 1993 and loves playing connect the dots by cultivating a wide network of people working on sustainability.