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In Transition

by Joshua Nelson on 11th July 2010

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The Transition Movement is about creating more resiliency in local communities in order to respond to the “Hydrocarbon Twins” of peak oil and climate change positively. It is about creating a better, more sustainable way of living in a world without oil and with an altered climate. Both of these shocks to the world are coming (probably already started) and preparing for them in a positive manner that increases community and personal resilience is definitely the horse I am betting on winning the race.

In Transition” is a film made by the people who are pioneering this movement, who are working towards being free of oil and achieving sustainability. It’s a great flick, now available in a 2-disc DVD, but also available online and below. Check it out:

In Transition 1.0 from Transition Towns on Vimeo.

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