Creating global prosperity without economic growth

Occupy Wall Street Protest At a time when governments are failing abysmally to mitigate climate change, reduce inequality or end poverty, the key to creating a more equal and sustainable world is establishing participative forms of political engagement at all levels of society – from the local to the global.
In an era of politics characterised by unconstrained corporate lobbying, a well-oiled ‘revolving door’ between industry and government, and an endless stream of campaign contributions from dirty oil and other lucrative industries, is the long-championed ideal of a truly democratic state now a lost cause? Should concerned citizens and activists turn their attention instead to establishing sustainable economic alternatives within their towns and communities? Or should we all be doing much more to ensure that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, as Abraham Lincoln once avowed?

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Labour and Nature: Power in Numbers

by Tegan Tallullah on 24th February 2015

“Good jobs! Clean environment! Green economy!” That is the rallying cry of the BlueGreen Alliance, an impressive coalition of environmental organisations and labour unions in the US, with over 15 million members. Their existence is part of a growing synthesis between the labour and environmental movements, which is based around two core ideas: 1), that […]

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What We’re Reading Now – January 2015

by Tegan Tallullah on 27th January 2015

This is part of an ongoing series highlighting what our members are currently reading (and watching!) in the Post Growth and sustainability realms.    The Politics of the Earth: Environmental Discourses – by John Dryzek In The Politics of the Earth John Dryzek uses the concept of discourse to explain the various perspectives on the environmental movement […]

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Joining the Post Growth Institute

by Tegan Tallullah on 15th January 2015

This article originally appeared in slightly edited form on  My life is packed full at the moment, but packed full of the most exciting and worthwhile things. My dissertation and other university coursework is taking up a lot of time, now that I’m in my final year with only a few months to go. […]

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Ten Steps to Running an Offers and Needs Market

by Donnie Maclurcan on 6th January 2015

Learn how to match hundreds of detailed offers and needs within any group, through a fun, 10 step process.

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The 4-Day Week?

by Tegan Tallullah on 24th December 2014

This article originally appeared in slightly edited form here on   The standard work week in Britain is 38/40 hours long. In America, China and many other countries it’s even longer. We spend so much of our time in paid work because a) we need/want the money, b) our employer might not offer part-time […]

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Local Spotlight: Brighton Food Waste Collective

by Tegan Tallullah on 16th December 2014

This is part of an ongoing series in which we will feature ways Post Growth is in action already.  The intention of this series is to inspire ideas about how to engage intentionally in our communities.  Please visit our Post Growth in Action web page for more.     One of the many fantastic initiatives going on in my […]

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Reframing Progress

by Tegan Tallullah on 9th December 2014

“…Progress is one of the most powerful notions in the modern world” writes John Dryzek in The Politics of the Earth. I’m inclined to agree with him. Progress acts as a kind of meta-narrative, an incredibly potent and pervasive trope that is woven through stories ancient and contemporary, and forms a core part of our […]

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A Smart Phone with Social Values

by Jeremy Williams on 2nd December 2014

How Fairphone made ethical electronics possible.

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