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Post Growth Reflections – 2012

by Donnie Maclurcan on 4th January 2013

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As we move into what feels like a year brimming with post growth possibilities, we take a moment to reflect on the year that has just passed for the Post Growth Institute.

Major Projects:

We launched the (En)Rich List: A showcase of 100 inspirational people who have historically and presently cultivated a wealth of intellectual and social capital for truly sustainable futures. The site received over 10,000 unique visitors and gained considerable interest in broader public discussions.

The second global Free Money Day on 15th September was incredible! There were 138 events across 24 countries, inspiring dialogue about alternatives to existing economic systems worldwide. We estimate the event ‘reached’ around 10 million people, helped by coverage in the Huffington Post; Toronto Star; The Journal; Good; and by Stephen Fry! Congratulations and gratitude to everyone who participated in this event.


Social Media and Key Statistics:

  • The Post Growth Institute’s site received 22,311 unique visitors – almost double that of 2011! Our biggest numbers are from the U.S., then Australia, U.K., Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, India, France and New Zealand. Our blog subscribers rose to 829 (from 190, December 2011),
  • Our Facebook friends have rocketed to over 7600! We’re so pleased to be learning more about what our fantastic followers and supporters are up to!
  • Our Twitter followers rose to 2830, whilst the Twitter hashtag #postgrowth has had over 2,604 tweets since its inception.

We were delighted, during the year, to be awarded Best Business, Non-profit, Treehugger’s Best of Green Awards and to be nominated for an INDEX Award.


The second full year of our Institute’s activity saw our core team change a little (welcome Brian, Ollie, Hich, Kendra and Kate! And a huge thanks to Janet, Amelia and Ingrid who stepped down after years of service). We refined our process for online collaboration, as documented in this article for Fast Company. Our total budget for this year was (drumroll please!) US$350 (unsolicited private donations).

Many thanks to our volunteers who donated their valuable time and skills throughout the year. Particular thanks to: Billy Huang (web); Jon Watkins (video); Sasha Maricheva (research), Giovanni Spezzacatena (graphic design) and everyone who hosted a Free Money Day Event.

Intentions for 2013:

  • We are working on a major book project: How, on Earth – an attempt to outline an alternative macroeconomic framework based on not-for-profit enterprise.
  • We are developing the How, on Earth hyperlinked database of concepts, principles, models, indicators, regulations, legal frameworks, activities, technologies, methods, movements, transnational programs, specific events and programs that currently drive and/or could exist in futures beyond economic growth.
  • We are planning an even bigger Free Money Day on September 15, 2013!

We look forward to more meaningful connections and co-inspiration in this year full of post growth possibilities!

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avatar Donnie is a co-founder of the Post Growth Institute and an Affiliate Professor of Social Science at Southern Oregon University. He is presently writing two books: How on Earth: Our future is not for profit and The Not-for-Profit Handbook.

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avatar Admir Kicic January 5, 2013 at 12:32

Keep doing the good work mate. What you do is very inovative and inspirational from which everybody could benefit. I am so happy to know people like yourself. All the best mate, cheers … 🙂

avatar Josh Lohnes January 5, 2013 at 20:55

Thanks for the inspiration.

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