Why Free Money Day Makes You Richer

This article originally appeared on freemoneyday.org.  In a world where hoarding wealth is considered the norm, giving money to complete strangers, with no strings attached, seems like a radical idea. Yet, for the hundreds who have taken part in Free Money Day since its humble beginnings in 2011, there is a knowing that greater sharing is […]

What We’re Watching – May 2015

This is part of an ongoing series highlighting what our members are currently reading and watching in the Post Growth and sustainability realms.  Revolution – directed by Rob Stewart The second feature film of Canadian filmmaker Rob Stewart, Revolution is a beautifully wrought tale of the biggest threats to our planet and the movement to reverse them. […]

Keeping Voluntary Work Sustainable

Creating true global prosperity, even starting on a much smaller scale, can only be achieved through the ongoing investments we make in time, energy, and creative collaboration. While it’s true that we have incredible collective resources with which to solve problems and create beauty, it is equally true that the deep investments required to create […]

Degrowth Downunder: A Movement Gathering Momentum

Editor’s note: This article, which offers a view into the Australian degrowth/post-growth landscape was originally published on the website for the 2014 degrowth conference that will occur on September 2-6 in Leipzig, Germany. Check out the conference here! Australia’s two-speed economy, in which those engaged in mineral extraction flourish while the rest flounder, seems to […]

The Truth About Global Sharing Day

Editor’s note: Benita Matofska, founder and chief sharer of The People Who Share, writes about how Global Sharing Day got started. This article was first published by Shareable in March 2014. For further reading, check out Benita’s article What is the Sharing Economy? It all started on a rainy day in Brighton, UK, back in May 2012. I […]