Trump, Sanders, and the Collapse of the American Oligarchy

This article was originally published by Capital Institute  “The collapse of urban cultures is an event much more frequent than most observers realize. Often, collapse is well underway before societal elites become aware of it, leading to scenes of leaders responding retroactively and ineffectively as their society collapses around them.” – Sander Vander Leeuw, Archaeologist, […]

What We’re Reading – September 2014

  This is part of an ongoing series highlighting what our members are currently reading (and watching!) in the Post Growth and sustainability realms. The Bees, Laline Paull Moving beyond existing economic and social frameworks to post-growth ways of living requires immense creativity. When we’re able to see the world from a radically different point of view than […]

How Increased Labour Efficiency Drives Resource Consumption

Recently, I visited the Moroto District in north-east Uganda, home of the (in)famous Karamajong pastoralist. These number half a million people and are isolated geographically, economically and politically, and are widely despised by their compatriots as violent and underdeveloped.  There have been efforts to settle the Karamajong in villages, get children to school and make […]

Notes on a Greener Economy

In this text Carl Schlyter, Member of the European Parliament for the Green Party of Sweden, offers some thoughts on policy actions that could lead to a greener and more liveable economy, including shorter working hours, more thoughtful subsidies, and better investments. The Uneconomic Economy Standard economic theory follows the logic of growth. Growth creates jobs, […]

Complex Layers of the Greek Debt Crisis

As a foreigner living in Greece, many of my friends and family scattered around the world have asked me about my take on the Greek debt crisis.  If there’s one thing that I like to tell people about the crisis, it’s that it is complex.  Most people and especially most media outlets try to simplify it, […]

Tim Jackson: Prosperity Without Growth

Tim Jackson is a rock-star. At least in the post growth community, in my opinion. He has helped to further an intelligent, deliberate conversation about what we need as people on this planet: a healthy, sustainable, people and planet friendly economy. His book, Prosperity Without Growth, is by far one of the best reads on the subject […]