Post-Growth for the Climate

Post-growth is about meeting humanity’s needs in a way that achieves high wellbeing for all while respecting the limits of our bountiful yet finite planet. There are so many reasons why the transition to a post-growth world is necessary and desirable. But the reason that really lends it a sense of urgency is the climate […]

Is Democratic Development an Oxymoron?

Editors note:  This is an abstract detailing the content of Francesco Zaratin’s article: Is democratic development an oxymoron? The article can be found in full here.   The formula “democratic development” can mean a development process carried out within a democratic political context and/or a development involving, democratically, all strata of a society. To say that […]

Stop Feeding the Elephant

The ‘Great Recession’ of the last few years has been fertile soil for the emergence of new economic initiatives. People worldwide have grown weary of the inequalities in our modern societies and many have come to understand that it is our current economic system that actually creates and exacerbates many of our problems. This revelation has […]

Why the Economy is Not Like a Pizza Pie

Years ago, my introductory economics professor explained that economic growth was vital because the economy was like a pizza pie. If we make the pie bigger, even if you received a smaller number of slices, each of us would end up with more pizza overall – the slices would be bigger. The problem with this […]

Growth Is Not Just One Thing

How do we resolve this dilemma: the human spirit is tremendously expansive, potentially vast, greatly powerful–and yet the chorus of environmental consciousness these days is that growth is not good. That the concern with prosperity is flawed. That riches are bad. Well, then, what must we do with this immense power and capacity and the imagination […]

The Story of Change – Flexing the Citizen Muscle

The media has always been powerful in influencing opinion, awareness and creating change, and so one of the great assets of the Internet age is that media can be produced and disseminated by participatory networks of people. This phenomenon is a seismic shift, as people who have previously been passive receivers and consumers of content in a one-way […]

Looking Beyond Rio, Towards Degrowth

You know folks, I’m a bit worried about my 16-year-old son, Jimi. When he was 13, he grew three inches. When he was 14, he grew five inches. When he was 15 his growth slowed to three inches, and no matter how much I feed him, now he isn’t growing at all past his current […]

Exploring Post Growth

This is an edited version of a radio interview Post Growth’s Donnie Maclurcan did with Chard Currie of Sydney’s 2RSR in April 2012. Thanks to mrmatin88 for his fast transcribing service of this interview. Chard (2RSR): I’ve got on the line Donnie Maclurcan from the Post Growth Institute. Donnie, good morning sir! Donnie: Good morning […]

The Slippery Slope of Oil Addiction

When 26 year old Canadian Lee Brain began his testimony at the public hearings of the son of the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel in Prince Rupert on February 18, 2012, he claimed to be ‘no one in particular’. What did this young man say about the proposal to run a pipeline from Bruderheim, Alberta to Kitimat, […]