The Story of Change – Flexing the Citizen Muscle

The media has always been powerful in influencing opinion, awareness and creating change, and so one of the great assets of the Internet age is that media can be produced and disseminated by participatory networks of people. This phenomenon is a seismic shift, as people who have previously been passive receivers and consumers of content in a one-way […]

Local Spotlight: More Than Just Radio!

This is part of an ongoing series in which we will feature ways Post Growth is in action already.  The intention of this series is to inspire ideas about how to engage intentionally in our communities.  Please visit our Post Growth in Action web page for more.  When I think about initiatives in my own […]

Motivating Sustainable Behaviour

More people than ever before are conscious of what is meant by ‘sustainable behaviour’ – recycling, being energy efficient, saving water, using public transport, buying local. Even so, we seem to be encountering a lot of this when it comes to actually getting people to engage in these behaviours at the individual level, and particularly […]