Equality in a post-growth society: Are we ready for tomorrow?

Are we ready for tomorrow? Certainly we are more ready today than we were yesterday.  We finally seem to be on the verge of making real progress on climate change, despite current US setbacks.   Discussions are starting about food and water supply.  Discussions are getting more focused about what a post growth economy would look […]

Gates Foundation’s rose-colored world view not supported by evidence

This article was originally published by Humanosphere and is reposted with permission from the authors The annual public letter from Bill and Melinda Gates has become a much-celebrated event in the global development calendar. But lost in the excitement around this year’s letter is the fact that it uses 6,000 words to paint a picture […]

What We’re Reading, Doing and Spotlighting: The 10% Club

Being the season of giving we thought combine this month’s “What we’re reading and watching” with our usual “local spotlight” and explore how one book caused a group of friends to think of giving in a different way. On your way to work, you pass a small pond. On hot days, children sometimes play in […]

Material Wealth

When I started work on my non-fiction film Wealth (65 min, 2008) I had the uncomfortable feeling that making the film was going to make me want to give away everything I owned — or, some other drastic response appropriate to spending months looking closely at the clutter packed into many American homes. Yet, the […]

Exploring Post Growth

This is an edited version of a radio interview Post Growth’s Donnie Maclurcan did with Chard Currie of Sydney’s 2RSR in April 2012. Thanks to mrmatin88 for his fast transcribing service of this interview. Chard (2RSR): I’ve got on the line Donnie Maclurcan from the Post Growth Institute. Donnie, good morning sir! Donnie: Good morning […]

What Bobby Kennedy Knew About Post Growth

We often think of the concept of ‘post growth’ and the questioning of GDP as a measure of success as something that recently emerged with the Global Financial Crisis. Yet post growth thinking has a long intellectual history, dating back to well before the 20th century – in the 19th century, John Stuart Mill wrote ‘Of […]