Egalitarian alternative to the US mainstream: Study of Acorn community in Virginia, US

This article was originally published on Bronislaw Magazine, under a Creative Commons License.  Acorn community is composed of 30 adults running an enterprise and sharing land and income. This essay describes the personal experience of living in this commune that wants to change the basic tenets of capitalist economic system and work organization. “Relationship represents […]

Labour and Nature: Power in Numbers

“Good jobs! Clean environment! Green economy!” That is the rallying cry of the BlueGreen Alliance, an impressive coalition of environmental organisations and labour unions in the US, with over 15 million members. Their existence is part of a growing synthesis between the labour and environmental movements, which is based around two core ideas: 1), that […]

The Power of Asset-based Approaches

When we start by exploring people’s strengths, we value people as human beings. When applied to community development, the asset-based approach is one of the most powerful ways to mobilize for social change because it proposes that everyone has something to offer and therefore everyone is needed.

Notes on a Greener Economy

In this text Carl Schlyter, Member of the European Parliament for the Green Party of Sweden, offers some thoughts on policy actions that could lead to a greener and more liveable economy, including shorter working hours, more thoughtful subsidies, and better investments. The Uneconomic Economy Standard economic theory follows the logic of growth. Growth creates jobs, […]

Who Is Our Goddess of Pleasure?

The problem is unemployment; only growth can create the jobs. Schools and hospitals are underfunded; the answer is faster growth. We can’t afford to protect the environment; the solution is more growth. Poverty is entrenched; growth will rescue the poor. Income distribution is unequal; the answer is more growth. If the answer to the problem […]