What people, organizations and activities are already driving the shift to a post-growth world?

Leading through Transition

Identifying what’s already working in your community or business is one of the strongest ways to create resilience.

In doing so, we discover that we have more than enough. In fact, that’s one of the core realizations catalyzed in the Offers and Needs Markets we facilitate.

However, our abundance of gifts exist within a world of finite limits. What’s more, there’s limited funding and energy that can be sustained in any new not-for-profit business. That’s why we train groups in using the ‘lean’ approach – where you create the smallest viable version of your work in order to test your riskiest assumptions. This increases the likelihood of creating goods and services that are used, rather than shelved.

Focused on asset-based and lean approaches, we offer The Not-for-Profit Way: a four-day series of workshops covering everything you need to know to successfully start, scale, and sustain a not-for-profit business.

At any point, we can assist through private workshops or nonprofit consultancy.

Crystal Arnold, Educational Director

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