So many post-growth approaches are stewarded in the Global South and historically marginalized communities.

The Post Growth Fellowship

The Post Growth Fellowship is a nine-month content collaboration with researchers, thought leaders, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs from a range of backgrounds, cultures, histories, and geographies—united by their work in post-capitalist fields and alternative approaches beyond economic growth.

The vision is to open up and broaden the conversation around post-growth ideas, information, and inspiration, in recognition that many alternative approaches are emerging from, and continue to be stewarded in, the Global South and historically marginalized communities across the world.

Through the Fellowship we facilitate group conversations and presentations, as well as curating and promoting Fellows’ content.

“The Fellowship has been enriching in so many ways. Connecting with Fellows doing post-growth work all over the world made me feel less lonely—especially as Black woman working in this field—as we were able to share our experiences and vulnerabilities in a safe, benevolent space. Unexpectedly, I also made some really good friends, who I’m proud to be able to support.”

– Djémilah Hassani, Affiliate Post Growth Fellow

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Affiliate Fellows are members of previous cohorts who continue to support our community of practice, engage with current Fellows, and collaborate in all kinds of ways.

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