Work With Us

The PGI believes that every person has unique gifts to offer.

By focusing on being rather than doing, we place relationships at the center of our work and organizational culture.

The PGI is committed to a slow and relational approach with respect to prospective volunteers and employees.

We welcome anyone interested in joining the team to reach out and meet us over a 30-minute expression of interest call with our Director of Personnel and Director of Wellbeing. The call is a chance to get to know each other, learn more about the PGI, and sense if there is a cultural fit for both you and the organization. Following that, interested and aligned new members are invited to a four-week onboarding process called Exploring Post Growth to experience our core values in practice before interviews for available positions. This has proven to be a great success over the past 3 years for growing our team.

We currently do not offer internships but are open to exploring volunteer opportunities and future paid positions.

Please send inquiries and expressions of interest (CV not required but welcome) to ???.

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