What people, organizations and activities are already driving the shift to a post-growth world?

Spotlighting What’s Working


So much good is already in motion. Around the world, people, organizations and activities are catalyzing the shift to a future focused on better, not bigger.

At the Post Growth Institute, we believe that shining a spotlight on what’s already working is one of the most powerful ways to inspire a brighter future.

That’s why we created The (En)Rich List: a parody of the Forbes Rich list, showcasing 100 inspirational people who have made enriching contributions to sustainable futures.

To promote the work of like-minded groups, we developed the Post Growth Alliance: an innovative approach to social media marketing that leverages the reach of member organizations and supporters to increase exposure to #postgrowth thinking.

To remind us that post-growth activities already exist, we created the Post Growth Encyclopedia.

And as creators of the #postgrowth hashtag that has been used almost 3000 times since 2009, we continue to connect people around the world interested in post-growth thinking and action.