Imagine developing all the skills you need to be an awe-inspiring, purpose-driven leader.

The Not for Profit Way

Leadership training for a thriving future

The Not for Profit Way is an intensive, three-day training program for social entrepreneurs and community organizers seeking the skills to start, scale and sustain purpose-driven projects and create the change they wish to see in the world.
Learn how to:
  • Leverage strengths
  • Refine ideas
  • Pitch projects
  • Build teams
  • Scale appropriately
  • Generate revenue
  • Market online
  • Govern collaboratively
  • Streamline operations
  • Plan for the future
Building on insights from work with 400 projects across 30 countries, and drawing on asset-based community development, lean design, and sociocratic governance, the program uses creativity and participant-led processes to catalyze ‘aha! moments’ and reinforce deep learning.
Culminating in a public showcase of emerging and existing cohort initiatives, benefits include:
  • The ability to test and develop your ideas
  • New tools for inspiring community cohesion through turbulent times
  • Links to time- and money-saving resources
  • Increased confidence as a speaker and leader
  • A new network of supportive peers
  • Access to ongoing professional assistance
And… organic lunches, and a dinner featuring professional comedy troupe the Hamazons!
Dee Perez

Dee Perez M.F.A.

Course participant and Development Director, Wildlife Images

“If you’ve ever thought about creating an organization to serve the public good, the Not for Profit Way is the fastest, easiest, most informative class you can take. It will save you years of frustration, help you avoid huge mistakes, and save you tons of money.”

Marion Assenmacher

Marion Assenmacher M.A.

Course participant

“The Not for Profit Way workshop series by Donnie Maclurcan is the best step-by-step guidance to successfully start or develop your nonprofit. Donnie doesn’t only make it “look” easy, he actually “makes it easy”!

The workshops are fun, interactive and set the participants up for immediate success. Donnie introduces so many simple, yet profound strategies and resources not easily found elsewhere.

And the best thing is, you get to do the work for each step right in class!”

Joshua Allen Young

Joshua Allen Young

Course participant and Founder, The Tea Ally

“The Not-for-Profit Way with Donnie has taken me through a journey of self-discovery. When I began, I only had a general idea of what I wanted to do. It was only in the final stages that the Tea Ally came into form. It has been such a gift.”

The Program

Day 1, Session 1: Asset-based Approaches

Discover the power of starting every process with a focus on what’s already working. Learn how to map your assets, along with those surrounding your areas of interest.

Day 1, Session 2: Idea Refinement

Gain greater clarity on what it is you are trying to achieve with your ideas, projects or organization. Develop your brand pyramid, ‘map the space’, and present your initiative in just one page.

Day 1, Session 3: Team Building

Learn one of the most powerful techniques to come out of Silicon Valley: lean design. Discover how learning, not results, should be your early focus, the value of testing your riskiest assumptions, and how you can thrive on a shoestring budget.

Day 2, Session 1: Lean Design

Learn one of the most powerful techniques to come out of Silicon Valley: lean design. Discover how learning, not results, should be your early focus, the value of testing your riskiest assumptions, and how you can thrive on a shoestring budget.

Day 2, Session 2: Revenue Generation

Explore options for raising money, including how to run successful crowdfunding campaigns, inspire funders, and earn income through the sale of goods and services.

Day 2, Session 3: Digital Marketing

Learn how to craft the perfect Facebook message or Tweet, and design posts for maximum virality. Build beautiful websites and stay in touch with supporters through beautifully designed newsletters.

Day 3, Session 1: Dynamic Governance

Learn how to run teams collaboratively, harness the power of silence, and ensure meetings are effective and fun. Discover how to support the greatest wisdom emerging within your group, in the shortest amount of time.

Day 3, Session 2: Operational Streamlining

Learn how to maximize your efficiency by simplifying, systemizing and automating your work using free tools and time-tested tips and techniques.

Day 3, Session 3: Strategic Planning

Learn how to ensure you are ‘on-mission’, rejuvenate lackluster teams, and plan for the future.

End of Day 3: Pitch Night! (Optional)

Identify new supporters, volunteers, and funding leads, by pitching your initiative to the local community.

About the Instructor

Donnie Maclurcan Ph.D.

Internationally-renowned nonprofit trainer

Passionate about all things not-for-profit, Donnie is Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute, exploring how we accelerate the transition to a society that thrives within ecological limits. He sees purpose-driven business as central to this shift, drawing from his work as a consultant to more than 450 not-for-profit projects across 31 countries. His own initiatives include developing the (En)Rich List, the Post Growth Alliance, the Offers and Needs Market process, Silent Skype team meetings, Free Money Day and the globally-used #postgrowth hashtag. An Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University and Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, Donnie has trained thousands of community leaders in regenerative leadership, worldwide.

“Donnie Maclurcan is an extraordinary teacher and explorer of ways to make the world work. His methods are simple but profound and make a real difference in the lives and work of everyone who comes into his orbit. He is also a whole lot of fun!”

Jean Houston, Ph.D. Chancellor, Meridian University

With thanks to local improv troupe, the Hamazons, for co-sponsoring our Pitch night events and providing comic relief for program participants.


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